Thursday, August 4, 2011

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I haven't skated in about a month because I just can't get back to my side of town to get to the rink. I've toyed with the idea of skating with the HRD rec league or NSF but that would mean leaving my skate bag in the car in the 100 degree weather never a good idea. I suck as a skater and quite frankly it's not easy to do for me but I miss it. I really miss announcing too.
It seems wierd that my shy and wallflowery self would ever want to be an announcer but I want to badly. I get a rush when I'm on the mic it's so much fun! I turn Shelly off, bring out Sunnie and she has a lot of fun. It surprises people when I tell them that announcing for HRD is my dream. One day I will be an HRD announcer :). Until that day I will be an intro girl for my Bosse$ and I'm going to sneak in a Brawler intro soon! I will also be announcing for FLAT OUT on the 21st of this month in Lake Chas. If you are in the area bypass the casinos and come to the game!

Last Saturday was a lot of fun! I got to intro The HaRD Knocks during the triple header I got to meet the Montreal announcer Plastik Patrik, he was a lot of fun and quite frankly he made a rather good looking woman. I enjoyed talking to him I'm pretty sure he probably just put up with me. :) Thanks to Scarlett O' Hurt Ya for letting me do the intros it was a minor detail but so much fun!

I had a few people tell me how much they loved my gay socks which was interesting because I just like rainbows and wore my rainbow socks. I'm as straight as they come and only have eyes for my David! None the less I was very amused. Even more amusing was Kills' mortification at my boutfit. I still laugh when I think about it. When I dress for derby I kind of look like a freak. :)

Other than that I'm still where I was in the previous post.

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  1. We're all freaks, though, really, right?? :) Love you! And you will be a fab announcer! (And I'm not just saying that cuz you snuck in a pee pee joke.)