Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spindletop Mashup Double Header 7-1-10

Even the outer bands of Hurricane Alex couldn’t keep the crowd away at Spindletop’s “Red, White, Black and Blue” bout. The first match up was the Scars and Stripes vs. The Bill of Fights, followed by The Patriot Axe vs. the Baberaham Lincolns .The double header with a four team mash up of Spindletop and Houston Roller Derby skaters may have been a scrimmage; however, you couldn’t tell by the fierce game play!

The final bout started with C-Rex (Patriot Axe) as lead jammer scoring nine points and Emma Propriate sneaking in three points before the jam was called off. In the third jam, Baby Face Assassin had the advantage starting on the line alone while her opponent remained in the box. The jam began and Face fought her way through the pack making lead jammer and scoring a grand slam. Her rival came flying out of the box and through the pack and Baby Face called off the jam. The score was now 18-3 in favor of the Axe. Jam six started with Prosecutor breaking out of the pack and scoring two grand slams and four points on her third scoring pass. Face made it out of the pack and was able to scoop up four points, by sneaking in behind Prosecutor, who then called off the jam the score was 27 -18 with Patriot Axe on top. The last jam of the half ended with Baby Face scoring ten points and Emma Propriate four. The score was 57-35 at the last whistle with the Axe leading.

C-Rex and Emma Propriate went toe to toe, on the line at the start of the second half. EP flew out of the pack and scored 10 points tightening the gap with a score of 57 -45. The ladies in grey put up an awesome fight. The Prosecuter made it through the pack in the next jam with four grand slams but was not able to call the jam off before C-Rex made it past two blockers. The score stood at 65-59 in favor of the Baberaham Lincolns. The 20th jam opened up with Mistilla taking lead jammer and scoring 20-points tying the game at 99-99. The crowd was roaring in anticipation As C-Rex and Emma Propriate took the line with less than a minute to go, C-Rex made her initial pass and then one pass for points just as EP made her way through the pack. After the jam was called off, a time out was called. It looked like the Axes had it in the bag as the score was 103-99 but there were still 33 seconds left on the clock. Mistilla and Xanadu Me were up on the line the whistle blew and a penalty was called leaving Mistilla with a power jam. The crowd went wild! Mistilla proceeded to score 16 points on the final jam, winning the bout for the Baberahams! The final score was 115-103. Top jammers were The Patriot Axe’s, Baby Face Assassin with 33 points, and The Babraham Lincoln’s Prosecutor with 44 points.

The first bout started out with Wildcat (Scars) and Pitbull Ponzo (Fights) on the jammer line. PB broke through the scoring two grand slams for her team making the 10-0. The very next jam Beverly Kills, would break through the pack and score a nine point jam. Wicked Sweet, hot on her tail, scored four points and the score was to 14-0 Fights. Black Sunshine followed up with a 10-point jam bringing the ladies in blue up to 24 points. The Fights maintained the lead in the first half, which ended with a score of 50-26.

The second half started out with BS scoring seven points and calling it off before the other team could score. Black Sunshine went on to score 20 points in the thirteenth jam bringing the score to 82-26 in favor of Fights. Though the score gap widened, the intensity didn’t let up and the ladies in white fought hard and kept the B of F’s from scoring any double digit jams the rest of the night. The bout ended with the score of 89-36 in favor of the Fights. Top jammers were Black Sunshine for the Bill of Fights with 47 points and Beverly Kills for the Scars and Stripes with 23 points.

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  1. Sunnie! I'm at your blog! Thanks so much for doing write ups. It's great for bouts I miss! And fun to get your perspective!