Saturday, July 3, 2010

Derby Love!

Ok I admit it I'm obsessed, way too obsessed. I eat, sleep and breathe a sport I don't even play. My friends receive emails bugging them to go to a bout with me. I dream about it, I talk about it all the time. I have spent hours convincing family, friends and strangers that it's a real sport. To quote Rev. Bryan Taylor  "Derby is the last truly honest sport left in America, if not the world." People often ask why I love this sport so much, there's many reasons. Derby love is really what the majority of this blog is about right now. Here's a small insight into the derby world and why I love it.

Roller girls have been very good to me! It started with Rebel Ann, before she was an HRD roller girl, she was with the now defunct Battleground Roller Derby. She encouraged me to come back to HRD as a volunteer and then made it a point to say hi to me at every bout. After Rebel became a Bos$, she continued to greet me at every bout. She always came by to say hello to me no matter what, Rebel would sit with me at every bout for a few seconds. She has indulged me each and every time I ask for a pic, even though she's tired, sweaty and ready to leave. Even more inspiring is knowing that she worked twice as hard as others to prove herself. She's gone from barely being seen in a bout to one of the HRD's power blockers. Rebel you are my HERO!

These ladies work very hard to become roller girls. Many of them go from wall huggers like me, to super speed skaters, which is just the beginning of the hardcore training their bodies are put through. There are jumps, falls and crossovers, there are blocks,  there are games where they are basically playing chase the rabbit. The push ups, pull ups, and sit ups are all par for the course. I went to a practice once (not HRD) and watched I was amazed. These ladies are super athletes and they do it all for the love of the game.

When I bring newbies to a bout there's always a lot of questions. Beyond the questions of game play, here are a few others.
1.How much do the skaters get paid?  They're volunteer

The reaction then is shock followed by

2. Who pays for their equipment? They do.

3. Isn't that expensive and what about insurance? Yes, and they have USARS insurance on top of their health insurance.

4. What do they do with the money from the tickets? They take out their operating expenses then give the rest of it to charity.

THAT is what makes roller girls my heroes! They volunteer their time and their bodies, they train like crazy and they pay for their own equipment and insurance. After the bills are all paid up and it's all said and done they give their hard earned money to charity.  Roller girls are awesome! That's what Derby Love is all about.


  1. Sunnie--I like your blog. I admire the roller girls too. I don't know many of them personally, but I do know Rebel. She is a great mom on top of all the roller derby stuff she does which is not limited to practices and bouts. In addition, she is a great mom and wife. She also is a math teacher, who has students that rave about her!! She is pretty amazing.

    I read your bio and it reminds me of myself. I will have to introduce myself to you at the next bout.

    Thanks for writing.


  2. Thanks! Since I've become increasingly involved in derby I've gotten to know a few roller girls. I know another roller girl I used to work with they do a lot more than what I described (everything behind the scenes). Being a roller girl is like taking on a second job that you pay to do. On top of that they have careers and families they amaze me. I'd love to meet you. I'm the lady that does the intro for the Bosse$ and I'm usually trying to jump in a boss photo. I'm very shy in person btw.

  3. Thanks you two!! Brandy, you're a little biased being my best bud and all! I am so red from blushing right and my heart swells with pride to have such lovely ladies in my life. But I couldn't have doen it without the support of my family, friends, teammates, and leaguemates. I hope I continue to make you proud.

    Boss Love,