Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HRD Game 4 June 19, 2010

Seasoned fan or derby virgin, it doesn’t get any better than a good suspenseful bout. Two of those back to back are EPIC! HRD’s fourth bout of the season was the best so far. It was intense from the first whistle.
Longtime rivals on the track Austin’s Hell Marys went toe to toe with the Psych Ward Sirens. The jam ended with six points to the Sirens and four to the Hells. The team in plaid took the lead in the 4th jam when Speedyrella scored two points bringing the score to 10 points versus eight, and lost it in the 7th jam when Wicked Sweet took in an 11 point jam. The home team maintained their lead throughout the rest of the half, which ended with a score of 42 to 39.
The second half opened with Mistilla taking the lead and scoring three points to bring the score up to 45 points. Luce Bandit would do her best to try to rack up points for the Hell Marys but the opposition’s defense held strong and by the 10th jam the score was 71 to 55, Sirens. By the 13th jam there seemed to be less hope that the HM’s would come close to catch up to the ladies in red, when Mistilla scored an eight point jam, calling it off as her opponent attempted to sneak in the back of the pack and bring the score to 82 to 69.
The 16th Jam would be the last time the Hells allowed a Siren to score when the lead was 85 to 69. Luce Bandit would bring the score up to 71 points in jam 18, with Slaughtermelon following up with a five-point jam bringing the score to 76 points. Luce Bandit broke through the pack taking lead jammer in the 21st jam to score four points and bring the score to 80 points. The fans watched with baited breath to see if the Hell Marys would take the lead, but the jam clock would run out in overtime and give the Sirens a very close win much to the delight of the crowd. Top Jammers were Siren Mistilla with 44 points and Hell Mary Luce Bandit with 42 points.
The second bout of the evening between the Bosse$ and Brawlers did not disappoint. Bos$, Baby Face Assassin would score the first five points of the half in jam two before calling it off. The ladies in black kept the Brawlers from scoring until Jam four. Bobituary (Bos$) broke out of the pack taking the lead jammer status and scoring 12 points in the jam bringing the score to 26. Before the jam was called off Speedo broke through the pack and scored four points. By Jam 15 things did not look good for the ladies in blue. Beverly Kills scored four points to Miss Lead’s three and the score was now 61 to 27. The half would close out in jam 22 with a 43 point lead for the Bosse$. The score was 76 to 33.
In the second half of the bout, the intensity picked up in jams two and three as Tammityville Horror scored 10 points followed by a 12 point jam from Miss Lead. The ladies in black couldn’t get past the Brawlers defense and the score was 80 to 55. Jam 12 proved to be the highest scoring for the ladies in blue as Speedo scored 18 points in one jam, but not before Bobituary scored 4 points. The score was 113 to 107.
Jam 19 opened with the score of 137 to 116. Speedo broke out of the pack and scored two grand slams. The Bos$ fans were holding their breath as there was only an 11 point gap. The crowd watched as she rounded the track again. The Bosse$ jammer broke out of the pack and the jam was called off just as she got almost close enough to score. The game ended with the final score of 137 to 126 and the defending champions now had their first win of the season. Top Jammers were Beverly Kills of the Bosse$ with 41 points and Speedo for the Brawlers with 57 points.

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