Sunday, July 19, 2009

HaRD Knocks takes the game in a last second surprise!

In a nutshell (I am not the sports writer Phil is) In the first half of the game HRD would take the lead and stay there.Hrd reached about 38 pts I believe the TXRG caught up to 39 and then HRD surpassed them. The Half ended with HRD in the lead. The second half started off with a fierce fight. Every jam was more intense then the previous. There were lots more penalties called in that half and a few that should have been that weren't. Phil, would have been screaming at the refs throughout the second half. The second half HRD stayed in the lead up until the next to last jam when Speedo Racer would be sent to the penalty box for cutting the track. This allowed TXRG Jammer (Desi Cration?) a power jam in which she scored 20-25 points. to surpass HRD bringing the score to 105 (TXRG) to 93 breaking the hearts of all the HRD fans. We just knew it was over. The final jam we were hoping for a miracle holding our breath while a few TXRG fans behind us were already celebrating. DBC and Angie Christ ... Read more were at the jammer line, everyone was on their feet. The 2nd whistle blew and DBC and Angie Christ were off! DBC started to break through the pack only to be forced back several times. The Angie Christ almost broke through the pack only to be sent to the penalty box the crowd went wild. My eyes were on DBC so I don't know why she (AC) was sent to the box. DBC finally broke thru the pack and in her power jam scored 15 points the crowd was going wild! The game ended with HaRD knocks 108 and Honkey Tonk Heart breakers 105!

Just my opinion: MVP jammer for Austin in my opinion would have to be the Angie Christ, MVP jammer for Houston would have to be between Speedo Racer and Dementia 13. MVP blocker for Austin: Crasher, MVP blocker for HRD would be Nawty Dread Knocks. Blocker I didn't get to see enough of: Rebel Ann I would have traded some of the smaller girls for her she usually ties with or surpasses Nawty in jammer take outs. Hubby says Speedo should be MVP Jammer. She really shines when she has good blockers playing with her.

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