Sunday, May 17, 2009

Roller Derby 5/16/09

If you know me you know I LOVE my FLAT TRACK derby. I went to my HRD game got to watch my Bo$$e$ play and got my pick with the whole team and am now geeking out! It was so awesome to have my pick with them that I didn't even care that they lost. I also got the see the Hot Rod Honeys from Austin which was pretty darn cool too! I LOVED IT the Brawlers gave their all even to the last jam but it was still awesome my favorite jams were Speedo vs anyone that girl is amazing! She is hell on wheels! It's just a shame the rest of the brawlers can't keep up (with the exception of chainsaw). I also got to see my favorite Siren Scarlet O'Hurt Ya who is a pretty amazing blocker. She got some amazing booty blocks in on the Bosses. I was a little frustrated with the refs who didn't call several penalties on the Sirens that were much deserved but I have to admit I do like the 4.0 rules a bit better than 3.1 much easier to understand. There were 2 penalties that were called on DBC that made no sense. I still don't know why she was sent to the penalty box on that last jam still ticked about that especially since I saw Mistlla push DBC. MVP blocker of the game for Bosses is between Rebel Ann and Nawty Dreadknocks... Rebel got in some AWESOME blocks and we LOVED it! She took Misty to the floor at least once. It was pretty cool! I love Houston Roller Derby!

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