Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blaphany's Interview

  I have always wanted to do an interview and I have had the privilege of interviewing one of my favorite retired roller girls. This is the first in a line of interviews I hope to do! If you are a roller girl and willing to be my next victim interviewee, please contact me about it on FB or email! Thanks a million times over to Blas for taking the time to answer my questions!
Name: Blasphany
Number: (retired) #668 - Neighbor of the Beast
League: Houston Roller Derby
Home Team: Bayou City Bosses
Seasons Played: 2007-2008

What is your (roller derby) position of choice? 

What is your skate gear of choice? 
Sure grip skates, Atom wheels and Pro Design pads

How did you hear about roller derby?
A good friend of mine was also long time friends with Flame & Rage, I got to know her and she gave me lots of pointers on how to get in, however, I've known about derby since I was little, but have always wanted to skate in derby, I just didn't know how to get in until I went to see her play in bouts.

Were you a fan of the game before you played? 
Of course

What made you decide to become a roller girl?
It was different and I like different. I'm also a tough girl and decided to take a whirl.

Did you have a specific team you wanted to play for or did you end up exactly where you wanted? 
Oh heck ya! Being a lover of the color black, I wanted to be in the Bayou City Bosses. I tried out, and ended up getting my wish. I made it clear that I would be unhappy wearing any other color. Knowing Flame, I was able to get good words put in for me since she already knew who I was.

What are some of your best/favorite moments in roller derby?
Getting photos taken, learning the game tactics, and winning the 08 championship. I have to admit, being able to pass alot of the other skaters up, gave me an ego boost...when I wasn't on my face.

Who are your roller derby heroes?  
DBC and Flame & Rage were teammates of mine...they had balls of steel... I wanted so much not to let them down so it made me work harder to be as good as them.

Do you have a motivational quote? 
Not really, I look at everything and take everything into consideration, I guess if I had a quote, I would say, "no pain, no gain"

What goes through your brain as you lace up your skates?

I hope I don't hurt myself today.

Do you have a theme song?
Not really, I'm all rock n roll...I guess the best fitting song for me would be, "It's a long way to the top, if you want to rock n roll" because it is when you think about it, in order to get anywhere, one has to work hard and be dedicated in order to achieve their goals.

Do you have a signature move?

Not signed, I really liked taking the opposite team's jammer by surprise on the corners. Of course, I would usually take myself out in the process, but at least it's getting her down so she can't score points for her team.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in roller derby? Just because your senior team mates are yelling at you, it's not to hurt your feelings, it is motivational, in other words, if you stand up to what they expect, they will not yell so much. Also, if you are hurt, don't push your injury, step out for a practice or two, see how you feel, go to the doctor if you are concerned, and take care of your body. If you skate injured, you will make injuries worse and regret it later. Don't take things to heart. It is a tough sport. You can cry about it to yourself when you are not playing the game.

Anyone you'd like to take the opportunity to thank? 
DBC, Nawty Dread Knocks, and Flame & Rage...for pushing me to be a better player.

What are some of your greatest roller derby accomplishments?

Learning leadership, how to play well with others, and how to be a much better skater then I once was.

I understand an injury is what pushed you into retirement will we ever see Blas come out and skate as a guest player? 
Yes...many injuries pushed me. I handle pain well and I am not a quitter. After my 2007 accident at a bout with a dislocated ankle, which popped back into place and left me with a high ankle sprain, I was a bit concerned. It eventually healed. The sports doctor told me that high ankle sprains are about the most difficult to heal out of most sports injuries. Out of both my seasons played, I had about 4 concussions that I knew of. Later in my 2008 season, I began to have nerve related problems as well as blurred vision, and other motor skill issues. I went to MRI's and Catscans

Anything else you want to share here:

If you ever want to join derby, you have to realize, this will be your life for as long as you are competing. The practice regimen, the PR, the other stuff that the league requires a girl to do; takes up a lot of time, a lot of patience and a lot of money. Have good insurance and a high tolerance for drama...or learn how to ignore it. There will not be much time for other hobbies. Unless your significant other wants to be involved with derby, you will starve him for attention, because derby will become your life.
Note, it teaches you a lot of stuff, and it is a good experience, but think real hard about what you want...once the season starts, your team will need your dedication. END


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