Saturday, January 8, 2011

So Ready For a New Season!

A new derby season is almost upon me! I'm really excited and tired all at once! Here in TX we have Governer's Cup which will be hosted by both of my home teams HRD and SRG. I'm so very excited. I'm not going to an official annoucer this season but I get to be Bos$ intro girl again. So I will be proudly proclaiming myself an honorary Bos$ again this season! I can't wait!

I also have season tickets to TXRG and I'm ecstatic! This means a monthly trip to Austin to watch my favorite semi-rookie playing on the Hell Mary's this season. (It's her first season with TXRG but she's been playing for 2 years now)  My amazing and awesome in-laws bought me a VIP Smack Pack! That's right VIP baby!

If I have the opportunity I hope to announce somewhere sometime this season.  I have had almost all of my derby wishes granted in 2010 I have 2 big ones for 2011 . To announce an official bout WELL and to intro the Hell Mary's just once!  I love my roller derby and to quote my derby big brother Kane, "It's a rollergirls world!"

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