Saturday, November 10, 2012


I'm a different person than I was a year ago. So much has changed. Last year I was an announcer with no team and now I have 2 teams to announce for. I was struggling with the idea of going back to church after having been out of it for 9 years. I was a fatter girl then too. Now I have two teams, a church home, and I'm still fat but I'm finally doing something about it.

This time last year I announced my first bout for Northside Fury with the hope that they might let me become their announcer. Little did I know that not only would I become the team announcer but that I would find a family that I can't help but fall in love with. The great thing is the Derbyverse really loved me and earlier this year Rocket City Roller Girls embraced me as well and now I have two awesome leagues that love me and allow me the privliage of being their announcer. I've become good enough to fly solo as an announcer and I love it! I've still go a way to go when it comes to derby 101 but other than that I've gotten decent at play by play. Now I'm worried with the next ruleset scheduled to come out soon. With the elimination of minors and  the jammer whistle amongst other changes it's going to get interesting. One can only hope this will eliminate the scrum starts but that rant is for another day.

Dave and I were out of church for 9 years and last year we started attending rather regularly since then we have become members of our church.There has been so much healing and peace in the last few months and I'm such a different person now (not because of my church but because of God's grace). I actually look forward to Sunday mornings now. For the first time I am in a church that embraces me just as I am and encourages me to be myself. They love the fact that I'm involved with Roller Derby and they even seem to love my boutfits. It feels normal and natural there! I truly feel at home.They support my derby addiction and even want to come see me announce! I love my church so much that I want to bring everyone along with me, and if you are Derby you are most welcome. It's different there we have people with mohawks, to "clean cut", you can show up in shorts and a tee or a suit, you can come tatted up with piercings and gauges or not. We love everyone as is which is how it should be.

I started out the year with trying to be rid of my PE credit only to be inspired to get a gym membership. I started out just swimming 5 days a week and now I swim 2-4 days a week and I do Boot Camp on Tues and Thurs mornings and Body Pump on Saturday. It eats my lunch and causes a bit of pain but it will be worth it. Thanks to Lipstick Assassin, Rebel Ann, Robi Wan Kenobi, and Kinker for inspiring and encouraging me to better myself. It's awesome to have you in my corner it's also awesome to have clothes that are way too big on me now! :)

My friend Connie is right Roller Derby has been so good for me, it saved my life and drew me out of a deep depression and gave me a place to belong when I felt I had nowhere to be. I can't thank Tex Offender enough for accidentally introducing me to the sport and Rebel Ann for befriending me and sucking back into the sport as a fan. Dave tells me he loves who it's made me and that makes it all worth it. What a year it's been! :)


  1. This was great to read! So glad you are all up in the derbyverse with announcing, and I think EVERYONE will struggle with the new rule set, so no worries. I'm glad to hear you feel good about your exercise and all that, so cheers to you! And of course glad you found a church home that embraces who you are! Sounds kind of like Jesus... :)

  2. tell me about it. can you say a year of change for the better on a personal level. love you babe! keep it up you will go far! ~kink