Monday, March 21, 2011

Pain Hurts

"Scars heal, glory fades
And all we're left with are the memories made
Pain hurts, but only for a minute
Yeah life is short so go on and live it
'Cause the chicks dig it"- Chris Cagle 

I typically try to keep this blog upbeat but sometimes stuff happens! 

The weekend of March 5& 6was full of injuries for people in my part of the derby world. Clutch City's game saw two large injuries. One of the Brazos Valley derby girls sustained a wrist injury that has required surgery. My friend Flamin Hawt Patootie sustained an injury to her ankle that is going to require major surgery we are currently trying to raise funds for her if you can contribute or have awesome fund raising ideas please go to and send Kinker a note. Irish Rouletta is out on injury to her knee.

HRD suffered a serious injury when Becky Booty's foot was run over. She didn't suffer any broken bones but had to have a skin graft on her foot. She finally went home last week. I know they are raising funds for her too.

I ended up breaking my tailbone the next night at boot camp. I tripped over a piece of gum that was on the carpet. I was just trying to pick my feet up to skate like a normal skater. I cried and then I got up and skated. Two weeks later I'm still in a lot of pain but there's not much that can be done about it. I take Aleve and I tried a donut but it hurts worse sitting on it than just sitting. I can't get comfy! My next derby purchase will be a tailbone guard for sure!  If you see me wiggling alot it's not ants in my pants it's a pain in my butt! 

Update on Patootie- She had surgery today and is home recovering. We're wishing her all the best and hope to see her back on skates in a few months. Patootie- you are one tough woman! We love you and you were missed. 

Injuries are a part of any contact sport. We all know and hate that part of the deal.  In these instances accept it for the love of that feeling you get when you pick up speed on your skates, or to take out that super star jammer or you are that super star jammer that works her magic through the pack for that grand slam! We are thankful for the EMT's and dr's that help us with our breaks and pains. We women take the injuries and fight to get twice as good as we were before the injury.

Any suggestions for alleviating that butt pain just a little?

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  1. HRD's first season I fell on my tailbone after receiving a hit after the jam out-of-bounds. Only reason I fell on my tailbone was because I wasn't expecting that hit after the four whistles blew and I was already skating back to the bench. :(

    Anyways, wish I could give you some good advice to help the pain, but what happened in my case was I guess whatever got knocked out of place back there was knocked back into place when someone hit me from behind two weeks later in practice. Immediately no more pain after two weeks of sitting funny and not being able to bend over.

    So maybe you can get somebody to whack you across your behind and see what happens? I would recommend a chiropractor or a doctor to do that professionally though. :)