Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's a Rollergirl's World!

Crush and Sunnie
I've had the privilege of attending two derby awards nights in one month! I love my SRGHRD families, they are amazing! They both know how to make a girl feel welcome and loved! I'm a Wreck Leaguer with SRGsuperfan for HRD's Bosse$. I had so much fun!  and and I was the 2010 intro girl/

Spindletop's was first and it was a smaller quieter event which was perfect for Dave's first Derby party. They held it at an American Legion  Dave got to meet the rollergirls and the coaches, refs and announcers then he went to taking pics!
Doug E Flesh and Co!
Everyone who is a part of SRG was recognized even the Wreck Leaguers! The best award of the night went to our beloved coach Doug E. Flesh and only a posting of the pic will do it justice! I got to have my pic taken with Crush Limbrawl and we got some great photos of a few others! Everyone had a great time! Dave was impressed by how sweet everyone was and how welcoming they were! I'm really proud to be a member of SRG maybe one day they'll let me be an announcer!

Wreck League 2010
HRD's awards banquet was a very different and much more wild experience! The party was at Woodrows, the food was weird and the night was awesome. I don't remember all the awards but here's what I remembered. Rebel Ann won Most Feared, Beverly Kills won A LOT of stuff, Face won at least one Award, and Shank won the After School Special Award which I'm pretty sure classifies her as a NUT (which is why we get along so well). 

There were two very unforgettable favorite moments for me; the first was Kane D' Man's song. Number two was the most memorable Award of the night went to Lipstick Assassin for best comeback. I was able to record most of her speech I had to try not to cry. Lipstick went through a lot this year and that woman is a hero and an inspiration. 


 I am also in love with Beverly Kills and that personality of hers she is a trip! She is on my interview list for sure. The girl had an acceptance speech for every award she got and that was quite a few! I talked to a few more rollergirls once I warmed up a bit, I'm still super shy!  I finally got to meet some more HRD heroes and I really missed some that weren't there. Awards night was bittersweet but I think it always is. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity that both leagues have given me this season allowing me to have the best season ever as a fan, wannabe announcer and my first as a rec leaguer. Thanks to both of my home teams for letting me ride along! I can't wait to see what next season holds!
The Ladies of SRG
Hugs, slugs and derby love! You ladies are the best!

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